Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Changing your spots

Trip completed - tattoo completed. I also did not chicken out and got my nipples pierced. The piercing hurt like a son of a bitch, but the sensation of actually having my nipples pierced has brought pretty much any contact with my nipples from, "well, that's a mildly interesting feeling," to, "somebody put a fucking 'wet floor' sign down because my vaginal lubrication is creating dangerous situations right now." I'm not sure if this will eventually go away once they've properly healed. On the one hand I sort of hope so, because it's incredibly difficult to get things done when every time it so much as gets mildly cold and my nipples get hard I want to start humping things (consenting things, let's be clear). On the other hand, I sort of hope not, because during sexytimes it is fucking awesome to have that level of arousal going on just from having my nipples stimulated.

I also spent a fair portion of the trip talking divorce with people, because it's something that's happening in the lives of some of the people I know back home. The particular instance of my sister and her ex-husband got me thinking about cheaters in general, and the type of people who get involved with cheaters. To make a long story short, my sister married this guy. About 3 months after the wedding, he asks for a divorce. Turns out he had met this other chick at work and had been cheating with her even while he was planning the wedding to my sister.

I guess my main thought on the whole thing is what's the perspective of the "other woman" in this instance? I mean, she knew that the guy she was dating was planning a wedding with my sister. She knew that he was lying to my sister about this other relationship. Doesn't that sort of inherently create doubt as to the sincerity of her own relationship with this guy? It's another one of those monogamous mind-puzzles that I sort of wonder how people get around. I've heard it justified because love is a quantifiable thing, so you can love one person more than you love another person. Okay, fine. Maybe you do feel different versions of love for different people. I'll let you buy into that one, even if you don't agree with me that those types of love don't have to be mutually exclusive events. What I honestly don't understand is, if you know somebody is treating somebody else poorly in a relationship, how do you talk yourself around to the point where you think it's a good idea to get together with that person yourself? I guess there is the trope out there of love as a transformative thing- people doing things for love, changing themselves in some way because of love. Whatever the fuck. That's one I can't figure out. (There are a very few choice Sex and the City references going through my head right now, but I'll save those for my own internal peanut gallery and spare you the commentary.)

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