Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The German and I were talking a few days ago about the word "slut." It's a word that has quite a bit of meaning behind it, depending on who's saying it and in what context it's being said. I ran across this little blog entry this morning that I thought was pretty interesting.

Here's my favorite quip from it:

There is a difference between being a slut and being a cheater. One is not necessarily the other. I find this difference to be alarmingly important to make distinct. I would never shame someone for being a slut. Well, I don’t think I would necessarily “shame” someone for just about anything, but you get my point. Having sex isn’t a crime and it doesn’t hurt anybody… unless it does. If you are legally allowed to have sex as much as possible with anyone of consenting age and willing mind, what more do you want? You could have an orgy, you could have an open relationship, you could just have an endless string of one night stands. Why commit to someone and then break their heart to get something you could have had before all of that?

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