Sunday, October 7, 2012

It gets better

Spoiler alert: not really. You just eventually get thicker skin.

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure to be privy to a statement about how girls make out with other girls for male attention.

These are typically the types of conversations that I sit through all like, "I am trying incredibly hard to not explode with rage right now about how ridiculously stupid what you are saying is."

Either that or make some scathing remark about how funny and correct the person is, although these usually wind up going over the other person's head.

If you're stupid enough to believe that the only reason two girls ever kiss

is because there's some outside vested male interest, you're probably also not the type to pick up on sarcasm.

(For those of you not getting the connection on that last link - "vest." Eh? eh?)

Although on the other hand, I find it an amusing thought that I might someday be making out with a girl (as sometimes happens in my life), and men will just sort of appear out of nowhere.

Like they can scent it or something all, "hark! I hear the sound of lady on lady loving occurring!"

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