Sunday, October 14, 2012

Double feels

Sometimes things just sort of work out perfectly in a weird way. Right now that includes kitteh cuddles, Sex and the City, Now-hubby coming home from a weekend away soon, and the fact that Feel it All Around was the first song on Pandora just now when I opened it.

(Also the fact that I have plenty of cider still to warm up and pour rum into later tonight. Hooray!)

I'm not necessarily a pessimist, or nihilistic. Sometimes the glass is half full. You know, like when I've just poured the liquor over ice and haven't added the mixer yet. (Seriously, that cider is going to be fucking delicious.) The better term is cynical. Possibly judgmental. It's something I've come more to appreciate about myself. It used to worry me in a way like, "bwah I'm not making any friends because I alienate people." However, my judgey-wudgey ability to read people and my innate disability to put up with other people's bullshit also prevents me from forming friendships or relationships with those who I ultimately wouldn't get along with in the first place. I have plenty of friends who have that "crazy ex" story floating around, and I don't have anything like that. That's a good feels.

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