Saturday, January 28, 2012


Anything new? Oh, not really. Just up at 4am blowing my nose. If you don't know anything about daycare, the single most important fact to be aware of is the children there are always sick. Even if they are not coughing directly on you (a favorite pastime), they will at least be leaking thick green snot everywhere.

Hence, sickness! Hooray.

This morning I would like to take a little moment for a quick PSA on how easy it is to not be heteronormitive in one's speech. From a textbook I'm currently reading in my master's program: "Groups of teenage girls could design the ideal prom date or husband, while groups of boys assembled an ideal date or wife."

I won't even begin on the head-scratcher that is the idea that girls need prom dates, while boys can just think about regular style dates. What I want to focus specifically on is the pairing of "girl" with "husband" and "boy" with "wife." It's as easy as switching either of the two latter terms to "spouse" or even "partner." Heck, if you want to go the extra mile just eliminate the whole thing and save yourself a few words: "Groups of teenage girls and boys could design the ideal person for them." Ta-da! You have now at least partially eliminated the need for girls who like girls or boys who like boys to feel saddened that they don't fit with what people expect them to like. Although it's impossible to make everybody happy all the time, it's at least that easy to make an effort.

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