Saturday, January 10, 2015

Just between us girls

Last night Frisbee and I stayed out late playing indoor Ultimate while Now-hubby had a date at the house. Frisbee and I were not sexiled, it just happened that our schedule had us out of the house on the same night that Now-hubby had invited his lady-friend over. Sometimes in poly the schedule just fucking works, and those are amazing moments.

This evening I'm going out with the guy with the awesomely curved penis, and yes, for those of you doing the math, it's been almost nine months since I last had sex with this particular gentleman. We did run into each other at a mutual friend's Halloween party, but this will be the first time the two of us are going to get together biblically since the first time back in April last year.

That's the thing about scheduling all this poly nonsense. Sometimes you and your boyfriend are going out and it just happens that your husband's lady-friend can come to keep him company on that same evening. And sometimes you send flirty messages with a really cute guy but your schedules are both so incredibly busy that it takes nine months before the two of you can get together. For those of you still imagining that when a person's in an open relationship they can just sort of walk out the door and get any and all the sex they want, I'm here to tell you that's not usually how it works. It winds up being a lot more about sending squirmy, sexy messages to people and then working around increasingly complex schedules to try and figure out when you can actually manage to get together.

On the topic of my date tonight, we're going to go check out a burlesque show and then head back to his place to watch movies/probably be naked together. Another couple will be joining us at the burlesque show, and the male half of the couple posited whether we'd all like to stay together for the second half of the evening (particularly for the being naked part of it). I've actually played around with the male half of this other couple before. Massages, making-out, general groping. That sort of stuff. The lady half of the other couple I've never met, and I can sometimes be a bit judgmental when meeting new people, so I declined the offer. The way I see it, if the lady half of the other couple winds up grinding my gears, then no harm, no foul. If I wind up hitting it off famously with her, then we can always possibly schedule a get-together sometime in the future (you think scheduling things between two people is hilariously difficult, try it with four.)

Which brings me, of course, to the phenomenal experience that is having sex with other ladies. While visiting with my bestie over the holidays, it was brought up that I don't write enough here about my experiences with the fairer sex.

This is definitely not for lack of lady-on-lady business occurring. If I were to place blame anywhere on why I don't write as much about my experiences with women, there's two culprits.
1. It definitely doesn't happen as often. Outside of the fairly regular sex I have with Frisbee and Now-hubby, I tend to have sex with average of two or three other men a month. Ladies clock in at maybe one per month average.
2. I don't typically date (as in, dinner and a movie type date) women. Dates tend to involve some aspect of conversation, which gives me more to think about, and therefore gives me things to write about. I'm not implying that I don't even talk to the women I have sex with, our interactions just tend to be more "well, we're already in this bed together" type moments. And as smutty as this blog can be, I'm pretty terrible at graphic, play-by-play descriptions of a given sexual interaction.

All that being said, I am pretty decent at giving you the specific details of why having sex with women is fucking amazing. First, I'm going to go on the record and say fuck the noise about, "women are just so pretty and soft."

I'm not sexually attracted to women because they remind me of a nice, cuddly pillow with tits and make-up. (That's a completely separate entry: how female vs. male sexuality is perceived and why that's fucking stupid.) I'm sexually attracted to women for a lot of the same reasons I'm sexually attracted to men. Because when you look at somebody and they're attractive to you and you start thinking about what noises they'll make when you kiss their neck just below their earlobe. How their body might react when you run your hand up their shirt, or over their thighs, or across their back. Maybe that's just my over-imaginative, pervy mind.

Specifically, though, sex with women is incredible because of the way they orgasm. And if you've never felt a woman properly orgasm I feel bad for you, son. I say "feel" because how a woman outwardly expresses an orgasm isn't always the same. When you have your fingers inside a lady and you can feel the walls of her vagina clenching. That's what I'm talking about. That feeling is phenomenal. All that being said, to those women out there who are the orgasm vocalizers; the ones who's bodies clench; neck and chest blushing; the ones who squirm and writhe and sweat - Cheers. That's even better.

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