Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Same old, same old

Happy New Year, intrepid readers.

For those of you immensely curious (and I figure it has to be at least some of you), here's a super exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how this blog gets written:

Additionally, for those of you who didn't know I have a tumblr, now you know. You can find me there under willfulgirl83.

Things remain largely the same for me here in 2015. Now-hubby went on a fairly extensive road trip with his family over the holidays, which meant Frisbee and I had some time just the two of us in the house together. Which meant I got to play one of my favorite mind-occupying activities: the what-if game. The way this little hobby works is I imagine what my current situation would be like if events in the past had been different. What if I had gone to a University closer to where I grew up instead of to the one where I met Now-hubby? What if I had accepted that job in Texas when I first graduated instead of sticking around the Midwest because my mother was having another addiction relapse? This most recent iteration was: "What if I was only in a relationship with Frisbee?" This was a particularly good puzzler for me, because where we are currently is built upon the foundation that I was already in a relationship when I met him. It's why the what-if game is one of my favorite mind wanderers: the original questions rarely have one-off answers and tend to spin into almost indefinitely more detailed questions.

Outside of all my mind-wanderings, it was really nice to get an opportunity to kind of "play house" with Frisbee for a few days. We've known each other just shy of three years at this point, and have both expressed interest in continuing to know each other. Having a few days just the two of us to sort of work out the wiggles of what exactly that means was good. For context, when I met Now-hubby, he and I "dated" for about 4 years before we got an apartment together. We both saw other people during this time, but he and I were sort of the most "exclusive." i.e. We saw each other every day, spent most every night together, and frequently communicated that our plans for the future included wanting to continue to be together. When Frisbee and I first got together, we saw each for maybe a few hours every weekend. It was almost a month before I started spending nights over at his apartment, and then it was still only one or two nights per week. It's only been these past seven months that we've really been around each other with any domestic regularity. It hasn't been 100% easy street transitioning, but we keep being able to discuss issues as they arise, and we both seem to be staying interested in the long-term despite bumps in the road. (I'd also like to take a parenthetic moment and give incredible thanks to Now-hubby for meeting me at a time in my life when there were a lot more bumps in my road and I was a lot less able to rationally deal with them. I realize it's a very odd compliment to give him that I wouldn't be as well-off in my other relationships if he hadn't taken the time and devotion in our relationship together, but it's the truth.)

For those of you still in a behind-the-scenes, pervy voyeur type mode, I'll close by letting you know I had several options for this last gif (Lauren Prepon from Orange is the New Black being a pretty good runner-up), but I wound up picking this one. If I'm going to pop champagne to bring in the New Year, we're going to do it correct.

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