Saturday, November 15, 2014

Web MD

One of the gentleman from the gang bangs recently recommended Paying for It by Chester Brown. Luckily for me, said gentleman is also a librarian, so I've got the comic on a bit of an outside-the-law inter-library loan. Briefly, the story's about a gentleman that has sex with prostitutes. I like it because it's not just, "look at me I did this thing." The story's not interesting just because he has sex with prostitutes, but because of the way he thinks about it. Brown's got some serious opinions about relationships, sex, and prostitution. There's a pretty significant Afterword portion I'm looking forward to, but in the meantime the comic's brought up a lot already that's made my mind pretty busy.

Also speaking of the gang bangs, for the past week or so, I've had really mild middle ear pain. Not anything unlivable, but it was incessant enough that I figured it was worth seeing a doctor about. After peering into my ear, the doctor said there wasn't anything he could see and that everything seemed fine. Recommended Ibuprofin and hot compresses; if symptoms persist seek further medical attention. He then asked if I'd engaged in any "strenuous jaw activity" lately. Apparently, pain from the jaw joint can manifest in the ear. Inside my head, I asked whether sucking dick for about an hour and a half counts as "strenuous." I'd been the designated fluffer at the last gang bang, and had dicks in or around my mouth for a pretty significant amount of the party. For those of you who are hollering about how don't I usually have dicks in and around my mouth at the party, and how was this any different, fluffing is incredibly different than typical party activities. First, position. Typical party participation means I'm either on my back, on my hands and knees, or some variation, and my mouth isn't always directly fuckable. Fluffing means I'm kneeling the entire time, and there's really not a lot of other options for where the dick is going to go except for into my mouth. (It's worth noting that after this party I was particularly sore in my thighs from kneeling for so long, while after a regular party I'm usually more sore in my abs (because frequent and intense orgasms.))

I'm not a real doctor, so I'm not saying that I gave myself an earache from giving too much head. I also didn't ask the actual doctor I was seeing, so I can't even recount for you what his face looked like when asked such a thing. Based entirely upon watching House, I like to imagine that it's pretty difficult to shock doctors; they've seen and/or heard variances upon human stupidity the likes of which the general populace can't even begin to imagine. Still, there are certain things even I don't feel appropriate to ask outside of these illusory internet ramblings.

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