Sunday, October 19, 2014

Maybe I'm not the only one

As promised, here is an update on how one of the sexytimes parties I went to was. (Side note before we begin, if you've never checked out Digitally Imported, I recommend doing so. I've been grooving to tunes there for about 11 years, and the way the site's evolved over time is fucking crazy. The tunes are still amazing. It's a bit like Pandora where you can listen for free if you don't mind ads every now and then, but you can also pay for an account if you want just music.)

Here's all the scintillating details for y'all.

I showed up fairly early (the party started at 8, I was in the door at about 7:45). Two reasons for this. 1. I'd never been to the location before and I sometimes have amazingly bad luck finding new places, so I wanted to give myself extra time to circle around a neighborhood awkwardly staring at house numbers if I needed to. 2. If I'm new to a location/group of people, I like to be able to sort of establish the space before it gets overwhelming crowded.

For those who are interested, this is the group that hosted. The group has an advertised bi-friendly emphasis, which is pretty rare in my experience. Especially with both male and female bisexuality being welcomed.

General impressions: there was a little bit of everything, which made this party really fun. I'd list it on the whole as a swinger party. (Maybe at some point in the future I'll do an entry on my criteria for what establishes one type of party from another - I'm pretty categorical as a fault.) This was one of the better ones I've been to. They had things set up really well, with a social/dance area, two sort of more "open" play spaces, and then one room designated as "couples only," if people wanted more privacy.

Although almost half the people in attendance had absolutely no idea what I was dressed up as (it was a Halloween/costume party). Disappoint.

(Note: that is not actually me in that picture.)

I  had heard about this particular party through a couple I know from the gang bangs. There were a few especially enjoyable moments during the party where I had an opportunity to play with them. Fingering her/fucking her with the Feeldoe while she sucked him off, riding his face while she sucked his cock, getting fucked by him with my face buried in her pussy. Really just getting an opportunity to feel another woman's vaginal muscles clench around my fingers - that's one of my favorite things.

I especially appreciated having people I had previously played with at the party because it eliminated that incredibly awkward "let's have small-talk conversation until one of us initiates sexytimes" thing that can happen. The majority of swinger parties I've been to have this initial sort of middle-school dance feel to them (well, except everybody at swinger parties is usually old enough to actually drink, whereas in middle school you were just sneaking the booze under the radar). Everybody just mills around, sipping from their solo cups and making conversation like, "How long have you been in the lifestyle? How long have you and your partner been together? How did you find out about this party?" Usually once everybody's properly inebriated (usually about two to three hours into the party), the clothes start coming off and things actually kick off. This isn't necessarily a judgement call, as I've been told some people attend swinger parties just to hang out with like-minded individuals and have conversation. Personally, I like attending parties because I like connecting with new, interesting people. And one of my favorite ways of connecting with people I find interesting is in a sexual manner. So I'm usually the one, if I'm interested in somebody, who will abruptly derail a conversation to say something like, "Would you like to go see how it feels to have my mouth around your dick?"

Which, of course, brings me to the men at the party. I haven't yet written an entry about the "single male problem," because that could prospectively take an entire lifetime to appropriately discuss. Let me just briefly say that, in my experience, men at swinger parties (whether coupled or single) aren't all that different from men I encounter everyday. At this particular party, I met a fantastic guy who was new to the lifestyle and had a really great time talking to him about the different varieties of things we've seen. There was an incredibly sweet moment where he agreed to put my shoes on and lace them for me, sitting on a pillow on the floor and then french kissing me afterward. We spent a good amount of time afterwards talking about how things like that don't necessarily have to be a sub/Domme dynamic, but can still be incredibly fun.

Shoes I was wearing, for reference:

I also met a great guy who was on the sidelines when I was using my Feeldoe the first time, and later approached me and asked if I'd be willing to peg him with it. Direct requests on sexual fantasies gives me a raging hard-on. I had a fantastic time fingering his asshole and then fucking him while he was on his back, grabbing onto my shoulders to pull me deeper. We finished that session with him climbing on top of me (sans Feeldoe) and jerking off onto my tits. Fantastic time.

On the other side, there was the guy who assumed because he had cornered me earlier in the party to talk my ear off about the minutiae of his life meant that he was allowed to come up later after I left the couples only room and grope me while telling me how sexy he thought I was. I'm pretty proud of myself for in that moment saying, "please don't touch me," because there have been times in the past where I would have let it happen because nakedness and sexy atmosphere and he's just trying to be complimentary.

There was also the guy who came up to me in the kitchen and told me I didn't sound enthusiastic enough about having a good time. Because male opinion on how you're supposed to be acting, looking, or feeling is always necessary and appreciated.

All in all, 10/10 would attend again. Stay tuned next weekend for details on the next party! 

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