Thursday, February 16, 2012

New toy

Feeldoe. Seriously, folks. Feeldoe. Look into it. Here are all the things that are awesome about it, in no particular order.

1. It is made of medical grade silicon, so cleaning it is super easy.

2. No harness. This is probably the main selling point for me. It's almost as though I have an actual dick, and I can fuck, stroke, and play with it a lot more naturally.

3. It comes with possibly the most powerful bullet egg I have ever found. That thing vibrates from insert bulb to tip of the dick, and it is awesome.

4. If you're sitting down, you can sort of ride on the bulb while little ridges stimulate the clit, and you can stroke your cock at the same time! (This is a similar point to 2, but worth it's own, I thought.)

The only drawback I found is if you happen to orgasm rather strongly (which somebody I know does), it's possible to squeeze out the bulb, and then the whole thing just kind of goes "flop." But I'm sure with practice something could be figured out.

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