Friday, April 4, 2014

Strength of Ten Regular Men

Now-hubby and I enjoyed some very sexy anal tonight. (Me as receiver, just to clarify for those trying to picture it in your minds. I see who you are, pervs.)

Then I enjoyed several minutes of decidedly un-sexy period cramping. I hope you all got your jones (or jillies) off thinking about me doing butt stuff already, because now this entry's taking a turn. Also, for those of you legitimately concerned, I'm much better now. About 10 minutes of not being able to move and feeling like my uterus was going to rip out of my stomach Aliens style, but then a heating pad and some Ibuprofen have made things much more manageable.

I loved being on the pill. It was easy to remember, it made my periods super regular, and it actually evened me out a bit emotionally. The IUD is a pretty fantastic non-hormonal option, but I am seriously less than pleased with the amount of cramping and general mental insanity that has re-entered my life. You see that last entry? The one where I got all Carrie Bradshaw at the end and started asking rhetorical questions?

Blame that one on the few days before my period is supposed to start, and how mentally unstable those few days are for me. Like...almost literally will cry at the drop of a hat. Second-guess everything until my brain spins.

Generally, I don't like the "women are weird because of biology" stuff that gets floated around as actual fact. Sometimes, though, there's nuggets of truth in there. Maybe once my uterus stops being so mad at me for yet again not putting a baby in it (suck it, uterus!) I'll be back to more intellectually balanced entries.

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