Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Question and answer time

Back in the ol' college days, I participated in a little "question and answer" LGBT group that would go around to other college campuses and basically be a token sample of the LGBT population to answer questions for classes, campus safety presentations, general human resource type stuff. You get the idea. Example, "If I am doing a group project for a class, and get paired with a lesbian, am I allowed to use the word 'dyke' to describe her?" (Blanket answer to that question: no.)

I was the representative "bisexual" member of the group, although I would always get flack for also mentioning the fact that I was in an open relationship. Not just from the question askers, but from the panel members themselves. I was apparently representing a stereotype that was unhelpful and counterproductive to the mission of the panel. Which, in retrospect, was probably more about whether or not Leviticus specifically says men can't stick their penises in other mens' asses (seriously, we got that quoted at us every single time) than about the fact that regardless of sexual preference, you are allowed to be in whatever type of relationship you want, as long as all members of said relationship are consenting adults.

Eventually I stopped mentioning it during panels, and it was the beginning of a mindset that despite already being part of a minority, I was also a minority within that minority. "Don't let anybody know that you're sexually attracted to women. But don't tell anyone you don't play by the monogamous game board."

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