Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where is this going?

In relation to the post about the whole "not believing in love" thing, I believe it behooves me to address how exactly I go about "relationships."

This sounds very high school guidance counselor of me (no offense meant, of course, to what I'm sure are thousands of fabulous high school guidance counselors who will inevitably read this blog), but I tend to see people as people. They will fit niches in my life, whether that be somebody to trade graphic novels from our personal home libraries with, somebody who will get drunk with me and yell about gender inequality, somebody I will fuck, or somebody who I will just shut the hell up around because I don't feel like receiving a lecture about my "depraved lifestyle." Maybe...just'll be somebody two whom I give my version of love.

So when I enter "relationships," I usually define that as the part where you know my first name, and I will most likely know yours unless I am having a bout of memory loss (likely) and can't remember it. Once this incidence has occurred, let the chips fall where they may. Personally, this way of entering "relationships" is fairly nice, because there are no expectations from the get-go. You are a total stranger who I am learning the name of, and eventually I will figure out where I want you in my life. Sometimes this takes awhile, sometimes it takes until the end of a first encounter. Either way, I think it simplifies things to not obsess and expect, and just let things happen.

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