Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Frisbee is away on business until evening tomorrow, and I'm on Spring Break. Which means in addition to getting my car washed, having some Panang Curry, and getting a mani/pedi today, I also took numerous nude photos of myself to send him once he's done with all his meetings and such today.

Which, as is standard for me, brought me to thinking about the female vs. male body and how they're viewed. (I'm generally unable to properly enjoy things until I've thought over all the particularities, which is both a pro and a con of my existence. Pro in that I get to bother all of you with my mind wanderings, con because I can rarely live in the moment and just enjoy stuff.)

I'm also going to bring Tumblr into the mix, because I attribute that website entirely for my current ability to objectify the male figure.

Which is not to say that before Tumblr I didn't find men attractive. Tumblr helped me find men attractive in the way I feel majority society is conditioned to find women attractive. Which is to say, in a completely all-encompassing, yet completely unavailable way. You're supposed to want it, but never actually get it, which is an incredibly cruel tease. But when you take out the violence that occurs with the mindset "I'm going to get it whether you want me to or not," visual objectification can be incredibly fucking hot. To clarify, I'm not talking about creeper pics, or cat-calling, or any of that nonsense. I'm just talking about good old visual appreciation of another human being.

I've always had a penchant for imaging what it would be like to have sex with random people. Sometimes I even do actually have sex with said people, but my imaginative sex life continues to outperform my reality-based sex life in spades.

Traveling in what some would call "unconventional" sexual circles, I find even there that female nudity and sexuality is placed on a higher pedestal than male. Visual objectification of the female form is pretty prolific. It's used to advertise literally everything. It's never the product you're buying so much as the idea that a woman will find you even slightly more attractive. I had a conversation about this once with bestie. How the male figure isn't conventionally considered attractive, but male arousal is definitely the paradigm by which everything is evaluated. We were talking specifically about gay porn at the time; how when there's a boner, there's always a visual indicator of arousal. And then of course the incredibly clear visual of male orgasm.

Whereas lesbian porn is more widely acceptable because it's the sort of the straight man jackpot - the "unattainable" female nakedness/arousal happening times two and oriented specifically for their pleasure. Gay porn maintains a subset popularity because of it's "authenticity," which is also sexy.

Final verdict? Everyone is incredibly sexy and I need to stop thinking so much about stuff.

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