Friday, April 10, 2015

Got that hate hate hate hate hate

Today, on the way home from work, I noticed a car with this bumper sticker:

Note: not a photo of the actual car. Because besides the No Zones, I also remember from Driver's Ed how we learned not to try and take photos while driving at 60mph. Luckily, images exist online of this atrocity of a sticker. Good news: this stupid thing is also available to be emblazoned on your laptop, coffee cup, or T-shirt. Advertise at every moment how maybe, just maybe, you don't really understand what a horcrux is. Although I guess it's also possible that the people who buy this kind of stuff also have a secret penchant for having their things destroyed by basilisk fangs. Who am I to judge?

I try my best to not nerd hate. Community in-fighting just creates problems, and dueling fandoms is problematic. But I absolutely hate stuff like this. The, "omg it's that thing from the thing!" It's the entire reason people keep recommending Big Bang Theory to me, and the entire reason I continue to refuse to watch it. "You like all that nerdy stuff." Yes, yes I do. But I like the nerdy stuff because it gives me something to think about, and talk with other people about. But from what I've seen of Bingo Boingo Time, it's all hand-fed bullshit. The kind of references that allow people to shut off their brains and just point at the TV whenever somebody has a Tom Baker scarf on and moistly yell, "I get that reference!"

I don't give a shit if somebody can't name all the actors who've played Dr. Who. Or if somebody's only seen a few episodes of Adventure Time or Game of Thrones. Or whether somebody's read the comic as well as seen the movie (of any franchise). I don't need anybody to be able to recite all seven books of Harry Potter from memory. Whatever thing you're into, and to whatever level, that's your bag, baby. All I'm asking is for the intelligence to recognize that references can't just be thrown out there. Having a car (or anything else, really) that's a horcrux is actually an incredibly bad thing. (For those not into the Harry P, briefly: a horcrux is an item that an evil wizard has put part of their soul into, sort of a path to immortality because the evil wizard will be unkillable unless that item is also destroyed. The horcrux becomes a "cursed" item that also influences anybody that might encounter it unknowingly to do pretty terrible things.)

As a counterpoint:

That makes sense, because a Nimbus 2000 is a broom that wizards use for transportation. It's classic "x is to y as a is to b." "My other car is a Millennium Falcon." "My other car is Serenity." "My other car is the Enterprise." All of those fucking make sense. They're all other transport vehicles. The original sticker might as well have said, "This car is a Dalek." "This car is a Gollum." "This car is the Ice King." What the fuck do any of those even mean? Yes, they're references to things, but not accurate or insightful in any way.

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