Friday, March 21, 2014

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In lieu of actually talking about what's going on in my life (which I am currently dealing with like a responsible adult i.e. drowning myself in alcohol)

here are some noteworthy things that happened this past week that I felt ya'll should be aware of. They're not in any type of chronological order, or even ranked by the level of interest I feel you should invest in each. But do note that there are three of them. That makes me happy in only a way my very inner, secretest brain can comprehend.

First: This comic from Questionable Content. Because I totally love Questionable Content, but really? For those of you not familiar with the storyline, Marigold (the brunette one) just had super duper sexy times with this guy named Dale that she's been crushing on for awhile. So the natural follow-up to this sexy activity is that she will never show visual interest in any other man but Dale. Marigold the character is pretty into yaoi (If you're unfamiliar with that term, go do a Google search. I'll wait.) So, for sake of remaining canon, I'll say...if Shuichi from Gravitation walked through the room she wouldn't even bat an eyelash because now she's getting laid. (Give me a fucking break it's the one yaoi I'm familiar with. She watches a made-up one called Magical Love Gentlemen in the comic, but nobody's that canon.)  This is a trope that happens. If you're in a relationship of any format, you forsake all other interest in all those other people you used to want to bone.

Second: I know I just mentioned Switched at Birth, but something cool happened on this week's episode, too. Bay and Tank were all makey-outey, and then Bay said she didn't want to have sex right at that moment. And then there were lots of scenes were everybody (including Tank) was reassuring Bay that she wasn't obligated to have sex if she didn't feel like it and it's okay to say no.

Third: I have been reading these recaps of 50 Shades. The lady who writes them lives in Michigan (where I am from originally), so you know this shit will be good. I only wound up reading the first book of the 50 shades trilogy, but somehow this blogger had the incredible mental stamina to make it through all three. And her recaps are fucking hilarious. So you should check them out.

(I include that last gif only because GoT season 4 starts in April and I am so excited I seriously almost splooshed all over myself when there was a preview ad on yesterday during March Madness.)

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