Monday, December 30, 2013

Unconventional Conventionists

Third date two nights ago with podcast guy. It involved him, his wife, and me going to a friend of their's house and watching UFC. The group was around 10 people, and mostly all were open/swingers/poly of some sort. So the night involved UFC watching and adult beverage having, but also lots of consensual hand holding, cuddling, and back rubs.

It's the first time that I've casually been around a group of people who collectively shared a non-typical relationship model. I'm not counting munches, because I feel as though there it's about the common type of sexual activity people like to engage in, and less about commonality as far as how the relationships are structured. Also not counting any of the swinger parties I've been to, as those have seemed more like a random assortment of people getting together who, yeah, all identify in one way or another as "swingers" but really have super varied definitions as to what that means within the context of their relationship.

I'm not saying that I haven't had really good experiences at munches or swinger parties. This was just a new experience to be with a smaller group of people who have clearly been doing the open/poly/swinger thing together for some amount of time. It was super nice to be sitting on the couch and be able to ask the person next to me, "is it okay if I lean up against you?" and have them put their arm up around me as a gesture of consent. Sort of no agenda, low pressure physical affection that I haven't experienced in any other context up until now. It felt super nice and made my heart very warm.

For just having met this group of people, they were incredibly welcoming and awesome. It was a great bolster to the weekend.

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