Wednesday, December 18, 2013


My schedule has been fairly frantic recently. Frantic, but awesome. There's only 2 more days of school left before Winter Break. Only one more week 'till Christmas. It seems like every day I'm overbooking myself with stuff to do, and remembering stuff I still need to do that isn't done yet.

I went on a second date with podcasting guy. Pretty meh sushi; pretty awesome conversations in the hot tub with him and his wife afterwards. It's very interesting for me, because outside of the whole "both of us are already married" thing, this is one of the more typical relationships I've ever had. Yes, there were make-outs after the second date. Just with me and him. They were fantastic. What happened on the first date? We went out to dinner and talked for 4 hours. Afterwards I gave him a hug. And not even a warm, wet hug.

Just the normal kind where everybody keeps all their clothes on.

I will, however, be giving plenty of warm, wet hugs in January as I'm heading back to the gang bang parties. It's been...a few months since I've been to one, so it will be neat to head back.

Today, during the carpool, Now-hubby and I were having a discussion with gender roles and relationship stuff in general. As tends to happen with discussions between Now-hubby and myself, it started out innocuously enough. I was telling him about how I overheard two teenage girls explaining the "front wedgie" to a teenage boy. We then expanded that topic through women's gender role and into how relationships are formatted on a gender binary but seem to be changing to a more equatable and fluid idea.

Fates aligned fairly well and I just found this related comic on tumblr:

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