Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Put it on your calendar

Now-hubby recently got me on Google calendar, which is on the one hand very useful because now I can put all of my appointments and things in one place more or less as I schedule them. And is on the other hand completely overwhelming because fuck damn am I busy. I guess I never really thought about my overall schedule until Google calendar laid it all out in little color blocks for the month of November and I was just sort of staring at it thinking, "where is my free time?"

Answer: there isn't any.

I was answering some questions about my relationships for one of the newer people at work earlier this week. Schedule was their main concern. "How do you find time for two relationships?" My answer? I start with myself. I try to schedule at least one evening a week where I do absolutely nothing. Well, or I get to do whatever I would like to do. Watch Doctor Who, write in this blog, read a book, whatever! I don't plan any chores around the house on this night, I don't make any big plans with either Now-hubby or Frisbee for that night, and I don't schedule dates with other people for that night.

Lately, I've been picking up extra shifts at Curves, and it's made scheduling that "me" night difficult. Adding shifts at Curves onto my day means total work time averages around 13 to 14 hours by the time I get home. It wears pretty quickly, and it makes even the scheduled activities that I would normally look forward to (meeting with a friend to double team his wife, going to a dungeon, a dinner date with a new gentleman) seem more like hassles to schedule. We've got a nice 3-day weekend coming up at school soon, so I'm hoping to recharge a bit then.

In unrelated news, I learned the word TWIRP today. Go ahead, Google it. It's a high school dance thing.

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