Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Don't need candles and cake

I officially have three decades of life behind me as of this past weekend. I celebrated by getting together with some of my ladies from Curves for lunch, and then getting together with some of the ladies I work with at school for dinner. I also watched the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special while Now-hubby made fun of me for spending the entire show like this:

I wanted both Frisbee and Now-hubby to be a part of my birthday celebration. Now-hubby's parents were also going to be in town, so following my own advice on coming out meant doing so with them. Up until this point, it hadn't been particularly important for them to know about Frisbee as the chances that they would ever meet him were relatively slim. Frisbee was going to be around for my birthday, though, and damnit if I wanted to hold hands with him I was going to. Which meant Now-hubby's parents needed to know about my relationship with Frisbee.

I went about it over Facebook message. Heard a very brief, "thanks for telling us. See you this Saturday." from Now-hubby's father and absolutely nothing from his mother. Both of them called him the next day to make sure he actually knew about me and Frisbee and was okay with it. His mother cried and "doesn't get it." His father was a bit more stoic about the entire thing. 

When they actually visited, we didn't interact much, but that's fairly typical for when they're around. Frisbee and I weren't very overtly cuddly, but I can't tell if that was because it was also awkward for him to have Now-hubby's parents around or if there was some other reason. 

In any case, I'm very glad for having just bucked up and been honest with everybody. It made the last week of my 29th year on the Earth quite stressful (somehow the build-up to coming out has for me always been worse than the actual coming out experience), but it feels good to have been able to be more of myself on my birthday.

Next relationship experience to tackle: Going to Frisbee's familial relations for Thanksgiving. I've already met Frisbee's immediate family, but this is an entire new level of anxiety-inducing goodness! The first time I went with Now-hubby to his grandmother's for Christmas, I don't think I spoke the entire time. Not that anything went wrong, I just tend to get quiet when being introduced to large groups of people I don't know.

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