Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My day with the Diva: days 2 through 5

I went to Frisbee's for the long holiday weekend, so I haven't had a chance to update all of you on the continued adventures (and sometimes misadventures) with the Diva Cup. Not that I can't update my blog from Frisbee's place, but it's just not my usual blogging location. So here I am with a play-by-play of Saturday-Tuesday. (See: days 2 through 5 of my period.) I'll give advance warning, this one's got some good TMI moments about my lady business.

After the ringing success that was Day 1 (Friday), I got up on Saturday to work at Curves. There was a bit more blood in the Cup this morning; I would say maybe two thimbles. Still not anything where it was like...absurd amounts of blood. One thing I did notice this time around, though, was the smell. Not horrible, but definitely, "that's been in my vagina for about 8 hours" type of smell. Also the coppery smell of blood. It beats having that odor lingering around on a pad all day, but first thing in the morning it was a bit of an onslaught of aroma.

I didn't wear a pad on Saturday. This was partly my own hubris where if I've done something sort-of-successfully once, that must mean I can do it even better the next time. So all safety nets are deemed unnecessary, even though they'd still probably be handy to have around. The daytime was not so bad. I rinsed the Cup out and put it back in around 6am - by the time I got to Frisbee's it was around 1pm. Nary a drop of blood to be seen in that interim.

Then I took the Cup out to have sex with Frisbee. This of course makes sense as the Cup is in my vagina. If, instead, I wanted Frisbee's dick in my vagina, the Cup was going to have to come out. After about 8 hours (I had to pester Frisbee awake first, so we didn't have sex as soon as I got there), the Cup was maybe halfway full. This marked the first time I actually poured it out into the toilet instead of just rinsing it out in the sink (although I did still wash it after I emptied it out). Note: period blood is deceptively gooey. Or at least, mine is. It's much thicker than the type of blood that comes out of a fresh cut. So it's wasn't so much a pour as it was a sort of one long ooze from Cup to toilet bowl. Trust me, I'm trying to think of a better way to describe it.

After the sex, I cleaned up. Frisbee and I are fluid bonded, so there's additional stickiness after sex. (Christ are there less cringe-y ways to talk about bodily fluids? No?) I didn't do anything additional beyond the usual - wiping up thighs/labia with toilet paper - and then I put the Cup back in. I wanted to nap, so I put on pajama pants and slept for maybe 2 or 3 hours. When I woke up, there were little streaks of blood all over the inside of my pajama pants. Here's another thing I learned, possibly the second TMI moment of this entry. When using the Cup and actually bleeding (i.e. not on the first very light day), I had to actually rinse out my vagina before putting the Cup back in. As in, get some running water and then get knuckle deep into my own vagina with that water to rinse out the residual blood. I found this to be the case whether or not Frisbee and I had had sex - on Sunday I wore it for about 8 hours during the day and didn't rinse myself out before re-inserting. The next time I peed there was period blood mixed into the stream. Normally with the Cup there isn't any.

Anyway! Enough with the bodily fluids discussion. With more practice, I'm learning more of how the Cup works with my body. It definitely takes a bit more practice than figuring out the sticky side of a pad is supposed to stick to your underwear. I've found I can wear it for about 8 hours before rinsing it out (the past few days 8 hours = about 3/4 of the way full). By the end of the day today at work I was starting to spot on my underwear, and when I took the Cup out it was about 3/4 of the way full, so this seems to be about the limit. It gets easier everyday to insert and remove it. When I have it in, it's completely unnoticeable now. Slight cons include the smell when removing it, being unable to figure out how full it is on any given day, and having to go the extra step to rinse myself out when I rinse the cup out. Pros still include not having to change a pad or tampon 2 or 3 times a day, the lack of odor while wearing it, and the fact that it's reusable.

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