Sunday, May 5, 2013


Went up to the homelands this weekend because my little sister was completing her Master's. I brought along both Now-hubby and Frisbee, which was very awesome. The way things are structured now, I see Now-hubby during the week and Frisbee on the weekends. So getting a chance to see both of them together is on the one hand a bit odd, because it doesn't happen often. But on the other hand awesome, because I care a lot about both of them. So having them together in the same place at the same time = nice. Especially cuddles and such. I even like it when they fucking nerd out about stuff I don't care about. Then I just get time to make immature dick jokes in my head and giggle nonsensically.

Also, I got to see my bestie and get totally drunk on UV Cake while watching Clea DuVall be sexy!

That was pretty awesome. I love you most of all, bestie.

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