Thursday, April 18, 2013


Now-hubby and I awoke this morning to our basement leaking. As in, a hole had cracked in our foundation and water was literally pouring into our basement. Luckily, the hole was in the laundry room area where there's a drain in the floor, so it wasn't too horrific. It still necessitated calling up the basement fix-it people and taking the day off of work to deal with it. (And probably will require the rest of the day to mop up all the water even after having it fixed.) The basement fix-it people gave us a bit of a shit because they had come out originally when we bought the house and gave us a list of things like, "here are all the things you can do so your basement doesn't start spouting water on you." And we were all, "thank you very much we will file this away and never think about it again until water starts spouting into our basement."

In other unrelated news, this high school lady is fucking awesome.

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