Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Damper down

It snowed a lot today. Is still snowing, actually. Lots of schools were cancelled, including the one at which I work. So I've been spending a large part of the day watching Dr. Who and glancing out the window to check on the precipitation accumulation. There's not much going on outside, even the snowplows gave up at some point and conceded to the amassing flakes.

It's quiet outside, mirroring how quiet it is inside. I'm in one of those stupid funky moods that I can't explain and can't get out of. I'll feel better momentarily, and then some stupid moment will bring my brain right back to, "hey, aren't you feeling horrible about something?" One of those where I feel bad for feeling bad, which makes me feel even worse. At some point it'll break, but until then everything just feels like this:

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