Friday, October 23, 2015

Schedule of events

Honestly, all other benefits of being open aside, my favorite part is sometimes just getting to sit home and enjoy a semi-evening to myself. I say semi-evening only because Frisbee gets home much later than I do. Tonight Now-hubby is off seeing his new girlfriend (for sake of anonymity I'll call her Red Velvet, because those are the kind of cupcakes she brought when we met for the first time). So it's just Frisbee and I around the house, which means I have a good three hours or so between when I get home and when he does.

Three hours which I pretty exclusively devote to the "LGBT movies" section of my Netflix cue.

Tonights feature: The Way He Looks

In the vein of things I'd recommend checking out, The German forwarded along this article a few days ago. Decent commentary on the current feminist movement, "sex positivity," and female sexual empowerment. Worth a read through.

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