Sunday, October 11, 2015

I bet he smelt devine

I spent yesterday afternoon having a discussion with one of the gents at frisbee about how he's not exclusive with a lady, as in they haven't done the "boyfriend/girlfriend" distinction thing yet, but they've both agreed that they're going to continue to date only each other.

I guess the end-game of this approach is they decide they're going to be terminology exclusive after a few more dates, or things wind up in termination territory.

The moral of the story being that I can't keep track of all the different ways monogamous people keep coming up with to complicate their relationships.

Also, I've realized I have two ways of reacting when having to be around straight people for extended periods of time. 1. Get depressed about how I don't fit the mold or understand the parlance, and spend the rest of the night being pouty and surly. 2. Get frustrated, squirrelly, and horny.

Thankfully, yesterday was an instance of the latter. Now-hubby and I were scheduled to attend a sex party together that evening, so the deviant sexual energy I had built up had a good outlet.

The highlight of the evening being one of the men who wore a snap button-up shirt. If you've never had the opportunity to rip a man's shirt down the buttons, I highly recommend it. satisfying.

I feel as though I disappoint people who are looking for extra-steamy details about the parties I attend with stories like this. When the highlight was hugging a guy, smelling his Calvin Klein cologne, then ripping the snap buttons open on his shirt and rubbing my nipples against his chest.

That's the fantastic thing about the parties I go to, though. The range of activities available. So, yes, I get to do things as mild as french kissing a handsome, shirtless man after I've ripped his shirt open.

I also get to squirt all over an air mattress while Now-hubby rocked the Njoy Pure Wand inside me. (Can not recommend enough. This toy is phenomenal.)

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