Sunday, July 12, 2015

That thumpa thumpa

One of Now-hubby's current girlfriends recently lent him Sex Criminals. Which, the book had also been recommended to me by one of the guys I fuck regularly. When I saw it show up on Now-hubby and I's coffee table a few weeks ago, I was interested to pick it up. Sometimes things in open relationships just work out that way. (Also, there's something to be said about representation. When you exist within a given community, chances are everyone you know has similar book/film/etc recommendations for you.)

For a story, it's an interesting premise. Spoilers: this chick can literally stop time when she has an orgasm. Then she meets a guy that can do it to and they go on wacky adventures together. 

I know it's a bit of looking the gift horse in the mouth, but my main complaint about the series is that there's almost too much sex in it. I know: "What were you expecting from a comic that has 'sex' in the title?" Also, "ugh you spend so much time complaining about how you struggle to find representation and here's a comic with a strong female lead that actually enjoys sex and isn't shamed by it." If I can elaborate, it's not that I'm shocked and offended that a comic book would show its characters in flagrante delicto. I'm just bored and unimpressed that every single character in Sex Criminals so far (I just finished the second collection) is a walking sex bomb who's fuse is about to reach terminus. 

(Two Ewan gifs in one entry? Hoho, dear readers.)

Here's the thing about representation for me. It has to be presented as a sort of utopian ideal where there's a clear presentational undertone acknowledging this isn't really the way the world works (but isn't it fun to imagine that it is for a moment?) Either that, or the portrayal has to be realistic in the sense that the minority representation is played off a majority representation, maybe with things working out a bit better for the latter individuals because you don't want to bum out your viewership too much.

Sex Criminals doesn't have either of those. Every character feels exactly the same because every character approaches sex exactly the same. 

(I've used that gif on the blog before. Fuck it; it's the best one for that line.)

Outside the repetitive sexual enthusiasm, it's enough of an interesting storyline for me to recommend it as worth checking out. And, if you'll all excuse me, I've had an Owen Gray video playing in the background since around the halfway point of this entry, and it's time to...

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