Monday, May 19, 2014

The kids are alright

In the course of working at a high school, I overhear some fairly ridiculous conversations between teenagers in regards to sex. Either he types of experiences they've already had, or the types of experiences they're hoping to have eventually.

These conversations, however, are slightly less disappointing for me to overhear than when I'm with other adults who, for all intents and purposes, should have a better range of sexual experiences or at least hopefully more realistic sexual goals. Which is not to say that somebody shouldn't dream big when it comes to sexual fantasies (heuheu dream big), just that I'd hope with time people would realize the actual amount of effort involved in making a fantasy a reality.

In any case, I'm an advocate for education about sex. A friend of mine linked to this article earlier today. Although I think it's interesting that the author seems to think 4th grade is too early to start sex ed. That was specifically the time when my elementary school took all the girls (and our mothers, if they were around) into the gymnasium so we could watch a special film about how we girls were going to start bleeding every month and growing hair in our armpits and crotches. Then we were handed a little brochure and a free sample menstrual pad and sent on our merry way to womanhood. Actual sex ed (the talk about how it's okay to say "no," and having to watch the video of a live birth because if anything was going to scare us into safe sex the image of a baby crowning was definitely what we needed to see) happened...6th, 7th grade? I know it was at middle school at some point. 

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