Wednesday, January 22, 2014


You should go check out this interview with Stoya over at Refinery 29. Which, if I quickly browse the main page seems to be a website devoted mainly to fashion and beauty. It also has a little "sex" section that seems...a mixed bag of stuff. You can't win them all. The interview with Stoya is pretty good. In the recent articles there's one about the author's first time at a swinger's party which is kind of decent. There's also one, though, titled "What is Bisexuality, Really?" that doesn't do much to tell anybody what bisexuality really is and just addresses some of the societal mindsets about bisexuality. My best advice? If you're unsure what a bisexual is, really, you should ask multiple people who are using that term to define themselves to explain what "bisexuality" means to them. And then never ever loudly talk about how many bisexuals you know and how you understand exactly what that means when getting together with other friends.

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