Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Always be prepared

I'm linking this mainly because it encompasses my feelings exactly about people that narrate sex. Not talking dirty. That's not especially a turn-on for me either, but people that have to be constantly talking during sex make my boner deflate.

Speaking of boners, the Origami condom has been floating around the Internet recently. It's a silicon condom that's apparently also pretty sweet sensation wise. You can watch a neat video on the website if you want. For me, it seems like it moves around an awful lot, but then again I've never had an actual dick so maybe something moving around a lot would be considered a good thing? In any case, I think it's kind of neat. Not having babies is a good thing. I'm a proponent of anything that stops babies from happening.

Here's a neat article about other alternate forms of male birth control that are currently being researched and such.

Keep having that safe sex, people!

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