Sunday, May 31, 2015

Working for the weekend

Awhile ago, my mother sent me a box full of old pictures and my diaries from when I was growing up. Yes, friends. I exist of an age that needed to bring something called film to be developed if you wanted to see photos you had taken with a camera.

In among the pictures were a couple from when I used to go to summer camp. And apparently along with paddle boating and friendship bracelet making, one of my favorite activities during camp was taking creeper shots of the male camp counselors.

Side note: I searched "lady creeper" for the above gif. Thanks, Rule 34. Thank you so much.

Thankfully, my tastes in camp activities has improved considerably since gaining adulthood. The past two days, I was at a booze-filled frisbee camp weekend, at which I did not take a single photograph because it was raining the whole time and I did not want to ruin my phone. Left to my own devices as for diversions, I spent most of my time moderately sipping Modelos and trying to maintain the, "I'm a normal, cute girl who you should totally want to make out with" look as I chatted with other campers.

Friday night I spent a considerable portion of the evening chatting with a hilarious gentleman who was quite knowledgable about a lot of interesting things. He was married and seemed not particularly interested in extra-curricular coitus, so we held it to just talking.

On Saturday night I got involved in a game of Dare Jenga. For those unfamiliar, it's just dares written on the underside of Jenga blocks. So when you get the block out, you have to complete the dare. Some of the dares from Saturday included: "Change outfits with another player," "Put an ice cube in your underwear and let it melt," "Do squats until it's your turn again." And then I pulled a block and read, "Pick another player. They are your master and you are their dog for the rest of the game."

Now, if you're not particularly into that dynamic, this is just sort of a funny dare. It'll probably be pretty silly. The dog of the pair will probably spend a lot of time on their hands and knees getting petted and with their tongue out...

If you are into that dynamic (as I am), this dare got uncomfortably arousing really quickly. Luckily, there were only three or four more turns before the stack fell over and the game was over.
Very luckily, my "master" said he would be comfortable maintaining the roleplay even after the game was finished.

(For those who got the Doctor Who/BDSM intentional gif choice above, send me an email because you're probably the type of person I want to do naked things with.)

I stuck around with Master for the rest of the night, following him around the party and encouraging him in everything he did (I was a dog that spoke; sort of a loophole but get over it). He'd pet my head, call me "good girl," and scritched my sides until I thought I wouldn't be able to contain myself and would wind up fucking him in the bathroom at the party. He also had a fair amount of questions about the whole dynamic, as he was less experienced with it. We discussed how Domination doesn't necessarily mean being a demanding asshole, and how being a Submissive doesn't mean being a door mat. I had just finished telling him how, for a Submissive, it's incredibly rewarding to fulfill the Dominant's requests and desires when he asked what my greatest desire was at the moment.

Which I told him.

I wanted to take him back to his bunk and run my tongue over all the parts of his body.

This marks the first instance of me fucking somebody 1:1 without knowing their name while I was having sex with them. I had met him earlier in the day, but there were around 80 people at this camp, and my memory is notoriously bad. Also, I'm not counting the gang bangs in this because there's usually around 30 guys at each party, and I doubt any of them would be considerably offended if I used the wrong name while they were inside me.

I gave Master a backrub, followed by a blow job, followed by him going down on me and making me cum until I was pretty sure the rest of camp could hear us. Then he held one hand around my throat and used the other hand to finger-fuck me while constantly calling me his good girl.

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